Well .. I’m (finally) sticking my big toe into the blogosphere. I’ve contributed some articles in the past for blogger friends and currently post on the Arizona Preppers Network and American Preppers Network blogs … but it’s time to get one going for our company and projects.

IT'S A DISASTER! by Bill and Janet LiebschBack in 1999 my hubby (Bill) and I wrote and released a book called IT’S A DISASTER!… and what are YOU gonna do about it?  We now have hundreds of thousands of copies in print and are up to a 5th Edition, but we’ve been doing it all quietly behind the scenes.

We customize and sell our book in bulk direct to Government agencies, businesses, schools, nonprofit groups and others … and offer the paperback and ebook to consumers too. But our primary focus is our programs that help fund and support nonprofits, schools and First Responders which I’ll be describing in more detail soon.

For now, visitors can learn more at

Our goal with this blog is to share ideas and updates about our book and programs .. and to provide links, news and resources about disasters, emergencies, first aid and preparedness in general.

Stay tuned and stay safe out there, j & B

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