Catastrophic Response Draft Plan (Public input and review is sought by Nez Perce)

The following appeared in our Nov 2012 enews

catastrophic-response-2In 2010, the Nez Perce County Board of Commissioners (in Idaho) resolved to create a Continuity Planning Team to write a comprehensive local plan to carry out the objectives and directives of national contingency plans — to maintain civil order and ensure essential services continue operations — in the event of a national emergency.

In a catastrophic event, stress levels will be high and time of the essence. Chief elected officials and Annex leads will need essential information in concise format to be able to act quickly and decisively in a disaster.

Nez Perce has posted a draft of their contingency plan focusing on effective local government response to a catastrophic event of any kind. This COOP plan is about getting the 90% of people who have not prepared safely through the dangerous transition period, until relative stability is achieved.

This contingency plan would only be implemented during an event of national significance where federal response may not be available for an extended period of time. Local jurisdictions will use their standard Local Emergency Operations Plans for traditional disasters.

Nez Perce officials are encouraging public input and participation by public safety agencies and citizens to promote interagency cooperation and whole community involvement in emergency management. Sensitive information is intentionally omitted from this plan to allow public participation.

We encourage everyone to read their “About this Site” (PDF) first followed by the “Base Plan” (PDF) to understand the context of the plan, then review Annexes A thru P for details about Governance, Food, Law Enforcement and Security, Water Treatment, Energy, Healthcare, Communications, Shelters, Neighborhood Emergency Teams and much more. Learn more at .

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