Friday Fotos: Massive Aussie haboob

For some time we’ve posted our “Friday Foto” selections on Facebook but have decided to post them here now instead.

This week’s amazing shots are from the 9-Jan-2013 dust storm that developed due to a category-three cyclone near a remote stretch of Western Australia coast. According to The Weather Channel, strong winds carried the sand from the Indian Ocean to the northwestern town of Onslow in what almost appears like a massive red wave with white caps.

haboob australia 2013

West of False Island in Mary Anne Passage near Onslow – West Australia. (Photo credit: Brett Martin)

red haboob west australia 2013

Also near Onslow (Photo credit: Brett Martin)

massive dust storm off coast of Onslow Australia

off the coast of Onslow (Photo credit: Levi Cooper)

This dust storm (a.k.a. haboob) is the latest wild weather to strike Australia after days of destructive bush fires and major heatwaves.

Have a great weekend! j & B

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