Customized preparedness books are great for public education, National Preparedness Month and fundraisers

We’ll be doing another large bundled print mid-to-late July 2013 since several agencies and groups want customized IT’S A DISASTER! books for September National Preparedness Month … so please let us know if you have any custom book needs as soon as possible..! (As fyi, we usually print a few times a year since we bundle 1,000 unit & up jobs together to print 20,000+ each time.)

customizable disaster preparedness and first aid manual by FedhealthKeep in mind we discount our 266-page disaster preparedness and basic first aid manuals up to 75% off list (or as low as $3.50 U.S. each) … and we customize them in the print process on 1,000 unit (or larger) quantities at NO additional charge.

You can change the entire outside cover (including the book title) and the first 12 pages can be customized with your contact information, evacuation routes, marketing data, advertisements and sponsorship messages from local partners and more.  (The 266-page books are all the same after first 12 pages. View some sample covers and pages … and learn more about our funding ideas.)

On large jobs (20,000 units or more) we can add an extra 48-page section so communities, regions or corporations can have 60 custom pages in front (or back) creating a very substantial reference manual.

In smaller quantities and on rush orders we can customize our “standard” red books with free peel and stick labels. It’s not as cool as a custom book, but it allows volunteer groups, nonprofits, agencies, schools and businesses to personalize books for their recipients.

One final note, many states will be closing out year-end budgets on June 30th … and others are receiving grant funds for relief and recovery efforts. A great way to clear out leftover funds and grant dollars is to purchase customized IT’S A DISASTER! books for staff, volunteers and local citizens. Fedhealth can individually receipt each bucket to commit funds down to the penny so groups won’t be required to return any unused dollars. Paperbacks (or CDs or flash drives) qualify as community education providing about a $4-to-$1 match due to all the discounts.

Learn more or call Fedhealth at 520.907.2153 for a free information kit or to discuss how we can help your communities “be aware, be prepared … and have a plan!”

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