Purr-fect Preparedness messages (funny cat photos from APHA)

These cute kitty cats have some purr-fect messages for National Preparedness Month and year-round. Our thanks to APHA Get Ready campaign organizers for coming up with such creative ways to encourage preparedness and participation in their annual photo contests.

APHA-Thirsty Cat

APHA-Hungry Cat

APHA-go bag cat

APHA-happy cat shelter

APHA-Wise Cat

APHA-hypnotic cat

See more pics on APHA’s 2012 Get Ready Cat Preparedness photo contest page (or cheezburger.com), and visit their 2014 Get Ready Tips from Tots photo gallery and 2013 Pup-Preparedness gallery for more cuteness.

Learn more about the American Public Health Association and their upcoming Sep. 16th Get Ready Day at www.APHAGetReady.org or follow them on Twitter @GetReady

Also learn more about National Preparedness Month and our Disaster book … and take action to get prepared for emergencies and life disruptions. Stay safe, j & B


2 Responses to Purr-fect Preparedness messages (funny cat photos from APHA)

  1. Brian R. says:

    Love these Pictures! I might do a series with dogs. What software do you use to make the Mimes?

    • itsadisaster says:

      We actually didn’t make them .. APHA did and they had a Pup-Preparedness contest last year with some cute memes (see link to their Pup gallery in the paragraph below last photo).

      APHA picks a different theme for contest every year then creates a calendar from the winners. 🙂 Thanks for your input and for stopping by .. and look forward to reading your blogs!

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