Get a free landing page to help people get prepared + raise funds for you or charity

Over the past 2+ decades Fedhealth has sold hundreds of thousands of our preparedness and first aid paperbacks and PDF ebooks by working with public and private sector entities who personalize them in bulk for staff, volunteers, members, customers and communities.

We also have many volunteer and faith-based groups, schools and others use our funding ideas to help support their efforts while educating the public.

Now organizations, businesses, social media influencers, and others with a large member, volunteer, customer and/or fan base can request a free landing page and raise funds for themselves (or others) and help their people get prepared for many types of emergencies and disasters.

We can…

  • design your landing page at NO charge so you can offer a FREE 60+ page portion of the 280+ PDF ebook with your own custom cover (and title) + custom e-pages in front with any other data, images and links you’d like included for your members, fans and others;
  • include a full 280+ page custom PDF ebook with all your custom data on the same page for $5.00 each (~70% off list) that your visitors can purchase, and we’ll donate 30% back to you or a charity of your choice (or give up to 30% discount to your people, or split the 30% as a discount to them and a donation to you or a charity, etc.)
  • insert ads or sponsorship data from your partners — and you keep ad/sponsor $$$ for yourself or your foundation/charity since we’ll include that data for free.
  • customize landing page with logos, marketing data, links back to your site and social media pages, and any other information or graphics you’d like included.
  • provide monthly reports of orders and donations for your records and more.

We also pay 15% and 30% referrals on any bulk paperback and bulk ebook orders since we always ask how people heard about us.

And proceeds of everything always benefits the U.S. First Responders Association. (Also, if your company or group is interested in co-branding your custom ebook, landing page and campaign with USFRA, please let us know!)

See some samples and learn more on or call 520.907.2153 to discuss any ideas that help you, your base and North America.

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