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Ways to connect with Fedhealth (or Bill and Janet Liebsch)…


3872 State Hwy 64 W, #226

Tyler, TX 75704  USA

web:  or


phone: 520-907-2153 or 888-999-4325  (7a-4p Pacific Mon-Fri)

how to order books or ebook:







2 Responses to Contact us

  1. Brett Foll says:

    I am a survivor of El Reno Tornado,was just reading your site about it. Every one stopped and turned near that overpass and stayed in the direct path of the tornado…they tried to stop me..waving their arms and flashing lights at me and driving the wrong way on my side of the I40 freeway..but I drove on past and stopped at the next overpass…the ones that stayed back behind me, died.

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