New minimum quantity when ordering It’s A Disaster! books

May 18, 2021

Due to rising costs, unfortunately we have to increase our minimum order from 10 copies to 30 copies (1 case) of our 266-page disaster preparedness and first aid manual at the $5 U.S. per book price.

Those needing smaller quantities (less than 30 copies) can still contact Fedhealth to place orders, but we’ll need to pass through actual freight costs or can direct you to one of our resellers.

The paperback can still be customized for FREE with peel & stick labels on our standard red books (30 or more copies) … or … the book title, covers and first 12+ pages can be personalized in full color in the print process in large volume to convey special messages to staff, volunteers, customers and local communities.

Our 284-page interactive PDF ebook is also $5 U.S. (~ 70% off list) … and we customize the ebook in bulk with pricing as low as $2 each.

Plus the sole source product qualifies as community education if using grant funds for purchases.

Also check out our funding ideas (including easy Referral and Affiliate programs) where volunteers, businesses, bloggers and others can earn 15% and 30% on book and ebook orders.

Download a free 60-page portion of It’s A Disaster! and learn more at or call 520.907.2153 to discuss your needs.

Stay safe ~ B & j

What can you get for a nickel these days… that matters?! (Fundraiser ideas + examples)

August 5, 2013

This originally appeared in our June 2013 enews but modified a bit.

iad_custom_books2.jpgWe have written about our ad / sponsorship program before but we wanted to share some numbers and examples that might just boggle your mind.

These ideas may help volunteers and groups partner with local businesses to purchase custom books … plus help them raise funds!


Fedhealth bundles bulk jobs together several times a year so agencies, businesses and groups can get customized IT’S A DISASTER! books for employees, volunteers, customers and local communities. (As fyi, we have to bundle jobs so we can print 20,000 or more at a time to offer such deep discounts.)

Keep in mind we discount our 266-page disaster preparedness and basic first aid manuals up to 75% off list (or as low as $3.50 U.S. each) … and we customize them in the print process on 1,000 unit (or larger) quantities at NO additional charge.

You can change the entire outside cover (including the book title) and the first 12 pages can be customized (in color now) with your contact information, evacuation routes, marketing data, advertisements and sponsorship messages from local partners and more. (The 266-page books are all the same after first 12 pages – see some samples.)  

And, if needed, a 16, 32 or 48-page full color glossy insert can be added in books for an upcharge (so up to 60 customizable pages) creating a very substantial reference manual that can be personalized for employees, customers or local communities.

In smaller quantities and on rush orders we can customize our “standard” red books with free peel and stick labels. It’s not as cool as a custom book, but it allows volunteer groups, nonprofits, agencies, schools and businesses to personalize books for their recipients.


Many agencies and volunteer groups want to purchase IT’S A DISASTER! books for local volunteers and citizens, but they don’t have any money in their limited budgets. Plus nonprofits, schools and First Responders are always looking for ways to raise money.

So ~ a creative way to get local businesses involved is to sell advertisements or acknowledge sponsorship inside books (or eBooks) … and Fedhealth will print the ads and other data for FREE and throw the value in as “match” on your paperwork.

Groups can collect anything you can for ads or sponsorship … take cash, lines of credit, barter or trade (whatever you can get) … and keep it all since Fedhealth prints them for free..!

We’re flexible on ad layouts since some may want to do a list of sponsors while another wants to offer quarter, half or full page ads. The below examples just use ¼-page ads for simplicity.

ad-samples-4-square-labelExample #1: Say a CERT or Scout troop wants to purchase 100 red books but has no money so collects $50 for 1/4 page ad on 3 large stickers…

Businesses buy 12 1/4-page ads: $50/ad x 4 ads/label x 3 labels = $600 collected

Cost for 100 books is $350 + freight = about $420

Total money leftover for CERT or Scouts = $180+ … and more funds could be raised by asking for more per ad or doing a 4th sticker.

NOTE: A $50 4-color ad is only 50 cents per book into 100 homes.

Example #2: Nonprofit or Agency wants 1,000 custom books but has no funds so collects $100 for 1/4 page ad…

Businesses buy 40 1/4-page color ads: $100/ad x 4 ads/pg x 10 pgs = $4,000

Cost for 1,000 books is $3,500 + freight = about $4,000

And more funds could be raised by collecting more per ad or offering premium placement on outside color covers, inside covers, etc.

NOTE: A $100 ad is only 10 cents per book that goes into 1,000 homes.

ad samples 4 square color2Example #3: A Region or nonprofit wants 20,000 custom books with a 48-page color glossy insert upgrade (total of 60 custom pages) and collects $1,000 for 1/4 page ad…

Sell 48 pgs of 1/4-pg ads: $1,000/ad x 4 ads/pg x 48 pgs = $192,000

Cost for 20,000 336-pg books @ $5.50 ea (includes freight) = $110,000

Total funds leftover for Region or nonprofit = $82,000 … and more funds could be raised by collecting more per ad or offering premium placement on outside covers, inside covers, use some more color pages for ads, etc.

NOTE: A $1,000 ad is only 5 cents per book that goes into 20,000 homes..!! 

nickel (or a dime or 5) per book is a great deal for advertisers and the ads can help generate excitement and participation in the community since it helps people save money on supplies and day-to-day goods and services. Plus the leftover funds can be used by groups doing the project to help fund their efforts!!

As always, we are completely open to ANY idea that gets this data into the public’s hands and helps our country “be aware, be prepared and have a plan”!

Please call Fedhealth at 520.907.2153 to discuss your needs or to request a free information kit … or download a free 56-page ebook portion of our book and learn more at 

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