Primal Diety IV-Early Detection available on Amazon

April 2, 2017

Fedhealth Fiction is pleased to announce Allen Ozark’s action packed novel Primal Deity IV – Early Detection is available in paperback and on Kindle.

This is the fourth book in Ozark’s 5-part series about the free spirited, hot-headed and very sexy FBI Special Agent Alex Southerland.

Somewhere between Atlanta and New York, the world changed, and so did Alex Southerland. Her career’s gone, and the love of her life is but a distant memory. However, her family’s touched her heart for the very first time. The Alex of old would’ve died before giving in, but with her family held captive by the enemy, all bets are off. She’s tempted with the one thing she swore she’d never lose again if she just had one more chance.

As the days pass, her heart grows cold towards those she swore to protect. Duty and honor seem like hollow words while her family members’ lives hang in the balance. Finally, she gives in. She’s reborn; this time without the calling that drove her to selflessly shed blood for her country. The enemy achieves success through violence and heinous acts of terror. With the proper leverage, even the most righteous of patriots can be forced to obey.

Upon the success of one last mission, the dark father of Alluvion will finally have absolute power. If Alex is to spare her family from the bloodiest of deaths, she has no choice; she must lead his mission no matter the cost. It’s why she’s equipped herself and a team of warriors and enough advanced tech and firepower to wipe a small country off the face of the earth. It’s why she’s ignored her heart and reconciled in her mind that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. And, it’s why she’s armed a nuclear bomb that’s days away from detonating in a crowded city. If Alex doesn’t come to her senses soon, the bomb will go off, and millions of innocents will die.

Either way, the saga will continue.

Primal Deity 4 – Early Detection is available in paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace, and on Kindle.

Learn more about Allen Ozark and his epic series at … and click below covers to order copies of Primal Deity on Amazon. All 4 titles are part of Kindle’s Matchbook program meaning if you purchase the Kindle format you can get the paperback for only $2.99.


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