Earn money for your VFD, CERT, school and others just for who you know

July 8, 2020
fundraiser for volunteers schools

The coronavirus outbreak has financially impacted first responders and volunteers across the country very hard – especially volunteer fire departments since a chunk of annual budgets come from community fundraisers like raffles, dinners, street fairs and other public functions.

Fedhealth has an easy way to help complement fundraising efforts for volunteers (VFDs, CERTs, K9 teams, etc.), nonprofits, schools and others (including individuals) just by spreading the word about our customizable preparedness and first aid book and PDF ebook.

Volunteers and others can…

  • Earn 15% on referred bulk book and ebook orders!
  • Raise funds without taking orders, collecting money, etc.;
  • Just refer agencies, businesses and groups to www.fedhealth.net or ph# 520.907.2153;
  • Fedhealth does ALL the work including providing and helping referrals with free customization then sends referral $$ once order is paid in full!

For example, say a Volunteer Fire Dept or CERT refers a county Health Dept or Emergency Management Agency…

  • County calls Fedhealth direct and orders 5,000 books customized with local plans, COVID-19 messaging, floodplain data, etc.
  • Cost for custom books:   $  22,500  (5,000 x $4.50 / book + free customization)
  • Total amount earned (15%) for Referral: $  3,375

And, if agencies or groups cannot take cash donations, Fedhealth can purchase needed equipment or supplies or provide that value in books or ebooks that can be used however you wish.

Learn more, download a free ebook, and find some handouts to share with others at www.fedhealth.net/funding-ideas … or call 520-907-2153 so we can help fund and support YOUR organization and help our nation get better prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association

Revenue sharing ideas for agencies, volunteer groups and others

January 20, 2016

disaster booksFor 16 years groups around the country have used our customizable disaster preparedness and first aid manuals to educate local communities and raise funds for local volunteers. Now we want to help clarify this concept with examples, and encourage agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, faith-based organizations, civic clubs, associations, nonprofits, youth groups and individuals to collaborate with local groups and split the ad revenues back so it benefits everyone.

The key is for an agency, organization or individual to bring all the various decision makers together then use the talents and resources of those public-private partners to do community wide book projects.

Fedhealth’s upgrade option allows groups and communities to add extra full color glossy pages that can be added to our 266-page IT’S A DISASTER! book. Personalize books with your community’s own title, logos, letters, maps, shelter data, emergency plans, special needs data and more, and reach out to your Chambers, Rotary clubs and other business groups and let their members place ads inside books for pennies on the dollar. The money raised will purchase books PLUS allow you to share revenue with local emergency management offices, first responders, volunteer groups, Chambers, Rotarys, ad agency and others as described below.

For example…

  • Partner with your city and county officials and Local Emergency Planning Committee to help decide what emergency data and messages should be added to books for public education;
  • Partner with your Chambers, Rotary Clubs and others and have them ask their members to advertise in books and share ad revenues back with those groups (see examples below);
  • Encourage advertisers to give discounts, freebies, coupon and QR codes on day-to-day products and services to help incentivize people and save them money on supplies and daily needs like…
    o  Groceries, toiletries, batteries, toys, pet supplies, etc.
    o  Tools, storm shutters, smoke and CO detectors, alarm systems, etc.
    o  Free energy evaluations, rebate programs, discounted memberships, etc.
    o  Services like roof repair, carpet cleaning, tree trimming, haircuts, daycare, dry cleaning, restaurants, movies, lodging, car rentals, etc.
  • Split ad revenues between various groups helping coordinate the project (percentages can be whatever you want them to be and given to whatever groups you decide).

Say your community wants 20,000 books with 250 pages of color ads @ $0.15 full page 

(Total cost to advertisers: $3,000 full page color ad / $1,500 half pg / $750 quarter pg)

Gross Revenue collected from ads   $ 750,000  (20,000 books x .15/pg x 250 pgs)
– cost of books delivered in US      – $ 140,000  (20,000 x $7.00 dlvd in continental US)
Remaining funds for distribution    $ 610,000

Consider distributing funds amongst partners…
– 10% to EMA, LEPC, CERT, etc.    –  $ 75,000  (share a % of Gross Revenue)
– 20% to chambers, Rotarys, etc.  –  $ 150,000  (share a % of Gross Revenue)
– 20% to FSC or ad agency              – $ 150,000  (to coordinate ads & project)

Amount left for project coordinator(s) $ 235,000 (use / keep / distribute as needed)

Or for a larger community … 50,000 books with 250 pages of color ads @ $0.16 full page
(Total cost to advertisers: $8,000 full page color ad / $4,000 1/2-pg / $2,000 1/4-pg / $1,000 1/8-pg)

Gross Revenue collected from ads     $ 2,000,000  (50,000 books x .16/pg x 250 pgs)
– cost of books delivered in US        – $   350,000  (50,000 x $7.00 dlvd in cont. US)
Remaining funds for distribution      $ 1,650,000

Consider distributing funds amongst partners…
– 10% to city/county EMA, CERT, etc. – $ 200,000 (share a % of Gross Revenue)
– 20% to chambers, Rotarys, etc.          – $ 400,000 (share a % of Gross Revenue)
– 20% to FSC or ad agency                     – $ 400,000 (to help coordinate ads/project)

Amount left for project coordinator(s) $ 650,000  (use / keep / distribute as needed)

  • Give books to chambers, advertisers, schools, Scouts, EM, Fire, Police or Health Departments, volunteer groups, churches, businesses and others to help disseminate materials to your local communities.

Realize the above numbers are just examples and project coordinators can adjust ad rates, percentages, and revenue sharing amounts to whatever works best for your respective communities and regions.

Nothing is cast in stone so be creative with this totally customizable program, and please know we are available for conference calls to help explain this opportunity to your partners, if needed (even after hours or on weekends).

The goal is to generate excitement so businesses will line up every year to be involved in something so beneficial to their community and something so affordable ~ especially since books and ads stay in front of people year-round. And, by offering extremely discounted ad rates as shown in above examples, it allows all sizes of businesses to participate. The public will look forward each year for the latest book full of discounts and freebies from advertisers and keep this valuable tool around constantly saving money on day-to-day products and services.

Bottom line … when communities do this project each year the public and advertisers get fresh content and discounts, and it helps fund local first responder and volunteer groups. The previous year’s books are still useful since extra preparedness and first aid manuals can be kept in home, kits, boats, RVs, cars, lockers, and workplaces.

It’s a true Whole Community Preparedness program that generously funds nonprofits, agencies, volunteer groups, civic clubs and others while helping our nation become more prepared and resilient.

Please call Fedhealth at 520-907-2153 to discuss your needs or to request a free information kit … or download a free 56-page mini ebook and learn more about our creative ideas at www.fedhealth.net.

Collaborative book project is a whole community approach to resilience

September 27, 2012

We want to expand on our April enews spotlight article that discussed a new way to share collaborative ideas and help generate excitement about preparedness using Public-Private Partnerships.

fema-thinktankStudies and polls continually show that most Americans are not prepared for disasters. According to the American Red Cross, a recent national survey revealed that only 7 percent of Americans have taken the recommended actions to prepare for disasters.  And a recent poll by Health Day reveals that 55 percent of Americans think they can rely on local authorities to come to their rescue when disaster strikes.

But … as we wrote in our 9/9/2011 enews, the U.S. only has approximately 800,000 active Law Enforcement Officials (includes Police and Sheriff), 1.1 million Firefighters (over 70% are volunteers) and 210,000 EMT / paramedics. In other words, there are only about 2.1 million First Responders supporting over 300 million people..!

So … how do we get people to pay attention and take steps to get themselves (and their loved ones) prepared?


Utilize existing partnerships and relationships within your community and … pool moneyraise money… and save money! And an innovative way to accomplish this is to use our collaborative tool and programs.

For 13 years we have called our disaster preparedness and basic first aid book a “tool” because that’s exactly what it is. It can help bring various players together within a community to help carry local safety messages, emergency data, plans and other information into local homes and businesses.

Sometimes the hardest part is getting agencies, businesses, and groups to understand the simplicity and flexibility of this tool and all the benefits associated with collaborating on a book purchase ~ either using custom labels on/in our standard red books in small volume or in the print process on 1,000 books or more. And we deeply discount our 266-page publication up to 75% off (or as low as $3.50 US) and customize them for free since our goal is to get this data into as many homes and businesses as possible.

But now that agencies, businesses, nonprofits, volunteer groups and families are all cutting budgets and expenses due to the tough economy, everyone needs to think creatively and “outside the box” more.

To help explain this collaborative book project, we’ve developed a brief overview in case these ideas can help your agency, school, organization and community.

collaborative custom book project can help communities prepare for disasters and emergencies

Pool money

Public and private sectors can collaborate on this creative public education campaign and pool various buckets of money together to purchase ANY quantity of custom books with ANY combination of funds including grants, seed money, Sponsorship revenues or Fundraiser orders (esp. schools and youth groups who take advance prepaid orders using Fedhealth’s traditional fundraiser). And we can individually receipt each amount to keep everyone’s records clean.

Raise money

Ask local public and private sector partners to place sponsorship or safety messages, ads, coupon or QR codes and more inside books so citizens can get valuable information and discounts on all kinds of products and services ~ locally and nationally. Collect whatever you can get too — cash, lines of credit or barter / trade — and keep it all since we customize books for FREE!

Plus part or all sponsorship and ad revenues (and fundraiser pre-sales) can be used to purchase more books so groups can continue the cycle and grow year after year! Another benefit is the project can provide about a $4-to-$1 (or more) return on match that agencies, nonprofits or communities can use on matching grants programs.

And an idea to help disseminate books is have your local CERT (or other volunteer group, civic club, etc.) coordinate with schools or Scouts who can sell the finished customized (and paid for) books to the community as a fundraiser. It’s a fun way to get youth involved in preparedness campaigns and get lifesaving data distributed out to the community … PLUS funds help the kids and volunteers..!

Save money

Custom books that include lots of discounts and savings on products and services can help generate buzz and excitement about preparedness across your community. And residents will look forward to new versions of the book containing more savings in future projects.

Continue the cycle to help communities become more resilient

Fedhealth arm your community with one bookAgencies, VOADs, volunteer and youth groups [CERTs, MRCs, Scouts, etc.], K-12 schools, civic clubs, faith-based organizations and others can do similar projects using grant or seed money, sponsorship dollars, ad revenues, fundraiser orders or any combination of these things to continue the cycle and grow as more local and national partners join in each year!

And remember… many groups start out small and add in more and more partners as the word spreads. And we can be available for conference calls if presenting ideas to community groups (even off hours and on weekends) and have nonprofit contacts that can assist in organizing and coordinating projects on a contractual basis, if needed.

In summary…

This innovative custom book project can help build partnerships between the public and private sectors … fund volunteers, schools and First Responders … provide tons of resources and match for groups … and educate local communities while saving them money on preparedness supplies and services! It’s a whole community approach to resilience that can expand every year!

Please visit fedhealth.net for more information or call 520.907.2153 and let us know what we can do to help your communities become more prepared.

New way to share collaborative ideas

May 3, 2012

Fedhealth programs can help fund and prepare whole communitiesFEMA’s Whole Community Approach and their push for more Public-Private Partnerships across the nation fits perfectly with our core mission of collaborating with groups to help educate communities while helping fund and support volunteers, first responders and others.

For decades there have been many initiatives and programs offered by agencies and groups to get the public involved, but sadly there is still a ton of apathy and complacency in this country.

One key thing is … we’ve got to find ways to make preparedness an integral part of society and make it so everyone benefits within each and every community.

Our collaborative ideas can gently force preparedness data into homes and businesses using both public and private sectors … and … generate funds for local nonprofits, schools, volunteers + First Responders … and … create excitement about preparedness!

For example, some benefits of using our customizable books (and CDs and ebooks) include…

  • educating local communities about disaster preparedness and basic first aid;
  • maximizing grants (great draw down vehicle + qualifies as public education);
  • earning about a $4-to-$1 return on match;
  • including local data like evacuation maps, shelter data, plans, logos, etc for free;
  • complementing employee or volunteer handbooks, safety data and plans;
  • promoting your agency, business or volunteer group inside the front of books;
  • collaborating with businesses to sponsor purchases or place ads (we print ads for free);
  • helping CERTs, Scouts, VOADs, schools, etc earn funds + generate buzz by partnering with public & private sectors..!

We recently setup a new page where FEMA Think Tank and National Preparedness Coalition members, CERT and MRC coordinators, Chambers, VOADs, Troop leaders and others can download a free portion of our IT’S A DISASTER! book and some collaborative funding ideas.

Please share ideas with volunteers, agencies, businesses, churches, civic clubs and others trying to form Public-Private Partnerships in their communities.

Visit www.fedhealth.net to learn more or call Fedhealth at 520.907.2153 to discuss ways we can help support YOUR efforts!

Combining Discounts, Fundraising and Disaster Relief Efforts

May 30, 2011

iad_custom_books1.jpgThis past Friday, we announced our company is discounting our disaster preparedness book pricing through September 30, 2011 and donating 10% of all orders to relief efforts across the U.S.

“So many communities are being impacted by Mother Nature and the bad economy that we wanted to do something to help our fellow Americans and our partners involved in disaster relief, so this was a perfect win-win,” said Fedhealth President and CEO Bill Liebsch.

Liebsch, co-author and publisher of IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it? is discounting his 266-page preparedness book more than half off the retail price through September 30th.

In addition, volunteers, schools and faith-based groups can still earn up to 50% of the discounted price through a variety of fundraising programs.

As an added benefit, Fedhealth will donate 10% of ALL orders to volunteer groups – like Chasing4Life’s Disaster Response Team, The Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association (DERA), U.S. First Responders Association’s DRT and others – throughout the summer.

Disaster education and relief groups are being stretched thin lately but the kindness of these volunteers can never be repaid. “Our hope is to help offset some of their costs so they can continue to help communities prepare for and recover from disasters of all kinds,” said Liebsch.

Read full press release here and visit www.fedhealth.net or call 520.907.2153 to learn more.

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