Customize up to 300 color glossy pages in our disaster books … for FREE!

July 20, 2014

Yes … you read that right. Our upgrade option now allows agencies, businesses and organizations to add up to 288 extra color glossy pages in our IT’S A DISASTER! books for a total of 300 customizable pages..!

Our regular 266-page manual provides tips on what people should think about and do before, during and after specific types of emergencies and disasters, as well as how to administer basic first aid.

dc hsema booth nbc4 2014-smBoth the public and private sectors have been using our preparedness books (and ebooks, CDs and flash drives) for volunteers, employees, customers and local communities since 1999.

We customize books in the print process on 1,000 unit (& larger) orders and the covers and first 12 pages can be personalized at no additional charge.

And if you want 48 to 288 extra full color glossy pages, the upgrade price is $7.00 U.S. each and includes free customization and free freight within 48 contiguous U.S. states.

It’s a great Public-Private Partnership tool

disaster_books_gi-4x2FEMA believes that every community benefits from public-private collaboration in emergency management, and our company’s products are perfect Public Private Partnership tools.

Groups can partner with local Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Local Emergency Planning Committees, UASIs, VOADs, grocery, discount and hardware stores and others … and encourage them to place full color ads inside books for day to day goods and services. Consider collecting ridiculously LOW prices to advertise and remind advertisers and sponsors that books will STAY in the home year round (unlike many other forms of print advertising). And, if paperbacks are filled with coupons, QR codes and savings on things like groceries, preparedness supplies, lawn care, haircuts, dry cleaning and more, the public (and advertisers) will look forward to new versions of the book year after year.

The goal is to use this customized “tool” to encourage and incentivize people to keep your custom book around so they will constantly reference the data. A great way to do that is to fill the paperback full of coupons and savings on every day products and services from your local partners. Basically we are “buying the public’s engagement” while helping whole communities prepare for the unexpected, plus it’s a great way for groups to raise funds.

For example, groups can…

  • Customize books with logos, evacuation maps, shelter data, emergency plans, etc for FREE;
  • Collaborate with Chambers, LEPCs and others to place advertisements and coupons in books;
  • Include discounts on products and services to help people save money on everyday items;
  • Collect cash, lines of credit or barter / trade for ads to help fund groups and sustain your project;
  • Partner with others to combine grants, sponsorship dollars + ad revenues to expand projects (we can invoice each amount to keep everyone’s records clean);
  • Upgrade order to include up to 288 additional glossy pages and collect $$$for ads;
  • Earn tons of match from books and ad revenues that can be used on matching grants programs;
  • Give books to schools, Scouts, volunteer groups, etc. to help disseminate materials.

Use the color glossy pages to build and expand public-private partnerships and offer coupons and savings to motivate and engage the public while raising funds for volunteers or projects.

Funding examples

Say a nonprofit or volunteer group (like a CERT) wants 1,000 custom books with a 48-page color glossy section added (total of 60 custom bound pages) and collects $200 for each 1/4-page ad…

Sell 50 1/4-page ads:  $200/ad x 4 ads/pg x 50 pgs = $40,000

Cost for 1,000 books with 48 extra color glossy pages = $7,000

Total funds leftover for nonprofit/CERT = $33,000 … and more funds could be raised by collecting more per ad or offering premium placement on outside color covers, inside covers, use some more color pages for ads, etc.

Now let’s say a Region or association/Rotary wants 50,000 custom books with 288 extra color glossy pages and collects $5,000 for each full page ad…

Sell 288 pgs of full pg ads: $5,000/ad x 288 pgs = $1,440,000

Cost for 50,000 books w/ 288 extra color glossy pgs = $350,000

Total funds leftover for Region/Assoc/Rotary = $1,090,000 … and more funds could be raised by collecting more per ad or offering premium placement on outside color covers, inside covers, use more pages for ads, etc.

Note: A $5,000 ad is only 10 cents per book that goes into 50,000 homes..! That’s cheaper than a postcard … plus a 576 page book STAYS around.

Please realize we have to bundle 1,000 unit & up custom jobs together and print minimum 20,000 books at a time several times a year. Also … we can do multiple versions of books for projects (1,000 & up per version) so you can customize covers and pages by area, county, division, agency, etc.

NOTE: We are doing a custom print early August so books are ready for National Preparedness Month.

And remember, in small quantities and on rush orders we can always customize our “standard” red books with free peel and stick labels.

Download a 2-page PDF overview with a few examples, learn more about this creative PPP tool … or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325 to discuss your needs.

Above appeared in our  July 2014 Fedhealth enews


Some free Sep 2013 webinars to help businesses get prepared

September 4, 2013

ready-biz_dumpster-smLast week we shared several ideas, contests and events for National Preparedness Month, but there are also several free webinars planned this September focusing on business preparedness.

Research shows at least 25 percent (and potentially as high as 40 percent) of small businesses do not reopen after a major disaster. Those that do, often struggle to stay in business. By planning in advance, the odds of a company surviving and recovering from a disaster increase dramatically.

Some free webinars planned for Sep 2013 include…

  • September 5, “Disaster Response: Preparing Your Business for the Unexpected,” hosted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, will feature Craig Fugate, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Association and Richard Reed, Senior Vice President, Disaster Cycle Services, American Red Cross. Space is limited. Click here to register.

And the U.S. Small Business Administration and Agility Recovery will host three popular “Prepare My Business” webinars:

Also check out Open for Business and OFB-EZ (Free business continuity tools from IBHS) … and please share these ideas with others!

Creative ideas and projects for National Preparedness Month

August 26, 2013

npm2013-squareSeptember is National Preparedness Month (NPM or #NATLPREP) sponsored by the FEMA’s Ready Campaign.

FedHealth is once again proud to be an NPM coalition member and we are encouraging businesses, organizations and families to take the pledge, join the team and help your community get better prepared for disasters and emergencies of all kinds.

We’ve compiled some creative NPM projects and ideas that some other agencies and organizations are doing (or have done) in case these could benefit your preparedness campaigns.

A key goal is to come up with fun and educational ways to get kids and adults involved..!

30 Days, 30 Ways

logo-30days30ways30 Days, 30 Ways is a disaster preparedness game that started in 2010 by the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) in Vancouver, Washington.

Each September, during National Preparedness Month, they post one simple readiness task each day and a daily winner is selected from among the participants.

The CRESA team has incorporated in current trends, a variety of social media tools and some very cool themes for the Preparedness Challenge. Check out this year’s promo video below…

In the past, 30 Days, 30 Ways relied on community donated prizes which came in all shapes and sizes. This year, they want to reward players with Amazon Gift Cards which are easier to share across the globe and don’t require shipping costs to CRESA. If you’d like to help sponsor 30 Days, 30 Ways and be listed as a Game Sponsor for 2013, visit their GoFundMe campaign site between August 1-31, 2013.

Learn more about the 30 Days, 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter @30days_30ways or #30days30ways.

Emergency Kit Cook-Off

logo-kitcookoffThe Emergency Kit Cook-Off is a National Preparedness Month activity inspired by the contents of the 72-hour emergency food kit; it asks you to vote on ingredients and then create a recipe using those ingredients.

In 2011, the Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) partnered with the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale to design this unique cooking challenge. They have since teamed with additional partners, including the CDC Foundation and the CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response.

Starting Monday, August 19, and during the next 2 weeks the public can vote for the Featured Ingredients for this year’s Emergency Kit Cook-Off. Help pick the 5 Featured Ingredients for this year’s Kit Cook-Off at

Voters select one ingredient from each of the five categories: protein; fruits and vegetables; starches, grains and nuts; beverages; and “comfort” foods. The Emergency Kit Cook-Off challenges you to:

  1. create a recipe that highlights at least one Featured Ingredient and uses only nonperishable pantry items, including (but not restricted to) seasonings, condiments, sweeteners and potable water. … AND …
  2. use manual appliances (e.g., can openers and hand whisks) instead of modern appliances (e.g., microwaves) where possible.

The KitCookOff team is not looking for gourmet cuisine, but they’re also not looking for simple peanut butter and crackers. Get creative and submit your recipes during National Preparedness Month or any time year-round. Learn more at or follow Emergency Kit Cook-Off on Facebook or Twitter @KitCookOff or Pinterest

APHA Get Ready Preparedness Photo Contests

APHA-Thirsty CatAPHA’s Get Ready campaign helps Americans prepare themselves, their families and their communities for all disasters and hazards, including pandemic flu, infectious disease, natural disasters and other emergencies.

In 2012 APHA held a Get Ready Preparedness Cats Photo Contest to coincide with National Preparedness Month as a fun to promote preparedness lessons.

They received over 200 photos and the judges selected 23 winning shots for their 2013 calendar. From cats in bathtubs and sinks to kitties hiding in boxes and under rugs, the photos show that preparedness and cats go hand in hand (or paw in paw)!

   APHA-hypnotic cat

Check out the 2012 winners in APHA’s cat photo gallery and download and print APHA’s 2013 calendar in PDF = Full size (images and months, on separate pages) .. or .. Small size (images and months on single page). And find more Get Ready Cats on Cheezburger

APHA’s 2013 Get Ready Pup Preparedness Photo Contest recently stopped taking submissions since they plan to announce winners during September National Preparedness Month. You can view some entries in their Dog Photo Gallery and check back in September when they post the winners! Learn more about APHA’s Get Ready Campaign at or follow them on Twitter @GetReady

Fairfax Prepares: Prepare 30 Ways in 30 Days

logo-30-in-30-calendarFairfax County OEM‘s Prepare 30 Ways in 30 Days is utilizing a new social media tool called ThunderClap to help encourage preparedness and influence people via their social connections. Fairfax County Emergency Information’s blog explains… “while it’s often perceived as a huge effort, it’s the little things you can do that add up to being better prepared for any type of emergency. And preparedness should be year round, too! In that spirit, we offer these 30 ideas for you to consider in 30 days, 1 week or all in 1 day! Your dedication to preparing your home and family helps build a stronger, more resilient community.”

Learn more about Prepare 30 Ways in 30 Days and read a great post called “Social Pressure: Can it work for Disaster Preparedness?” on idisaster 2.0.

Disaster Kit photo contest

itunes-gift-cardSouthwest Nebraska Public Health Department (SWNPHD) is preparing for National Preparedness Month with a Disaster Kit photo contest. Youth (ages 8-18) in the eight-county district can participate by creating a disaster kit for their family, submitting a photo of themselves with the disaster kit, a list of supplies and an explanation of their kit. Four winners will be selected to receive a $50 iTunes gift card.

Find contest rules and entry form on and follow SWNPHD on Twitter @swpublichealth.

Use customized books as giveaways or fundraisers

IAD_custom_books-smFedHealth discounts our 266-page disaster preparedness and first aid manuals 50% to 75% off list (or as low as $3.50 US) so agencies, businesses, organizations and families can use them as gifts for employees, volunteers and local communities. And books (or CDs or flash drives) can be customized at no additional charge to include logos and special messages to recipients.

A great way for volunteers, schools and youth groups to participate in National Preparedness Month (and year-round) is to use our IT’S A DISASTER! book as a fundraiser while educating local communities!

Also, some Federal grants and budgets close out September 30th so if your agency or nonprofit has dollars that need to be spent before a deadline, consider using IT’S A DISASTER! books to commit those funds. The book qualifies as community education under most grants and provides almost a $4-to-$1 return on match.

Learn more about our book and collaborative programs or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325 (7a – 4p Pacific).

Get Involved

If your agency, CERT, MRC, business, Church or group has not registered to be an NPM Coalition member, visit to learn more. Individuals are also encouraged to register since we all can make a difference by helping others get prepared. Also consider joining FEMA’s National Preparedness Community forum and download their 2013 NPM Toolkit.

Another way to support your community is to join a local Citizen Corps or CERT or Medical Reserve Corps … or call your local Emergency Management, Fire, Police, Health or Sheriff Department and ask about volunteer opportunities.

Or talk to your local Salvation Army or Red Cross office … and get involved!

Please share these ideas with others .. and .. if you’d like us to highlight your National Preparedness Month project, contest or event on our blog, email us an overview and/or link to or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325. Stay safe, j & B

Customized preparedness books are great for public education, National Preparedness Month and fundraisers

June 13, 2013

We’ll be doing another large bundled print mid-to-late July 2013 since several agencies and groups want customized IT’S A DISASTER! books for September National Preparedness Month … so please let us know if you have any custom book needs as soon as possible..! (As fyi, we usually print a few times a year since we bundle 1,000 unit & up jobs together to print 20,000+ each time.)

customizable disaster preparedness and first aid manual by FedhealthKeep in mind we discount our 266-page disaster preparedness and basic first aid manuals up to 75% off list (or as low as $3.50 U.S. each) … and we customize them in the print process on 1,000 unit (or larger) quantities at NO additional charge.

You can change the entire outside cover (including the book title) and the first 12 pages can be customized with your contact information, evacuation routes, marketing data, advertisements and sponsorship messages from local partners and more.  (The 266-page books are all the same after first 12 pages. View some sample covers and pages … and learn more about our funding ideas.)

On large jobs (20,000 units or more) we can add an extra 48-page section so communities, regions or corporations can have 60 custom pages in front (or back) creating a very substantial reference manual.

In smaller quantities and on rush orders we can customize our “standard” red books with free peel and stick labels. It’s not as cool as a custom book, but it allows volunteer groups, nonprofits, agencies, schools and businesses to personalize books for their recipients.

One final note, many states will be closing out year-end budgets on June 30th … and others are receiving grant funds for relief and recovery efforts. A great way to clear out leftover funds and grant dollars is to purchase customized IT’S A DISASTER! books for staff, volunteers and local citizens. Fedhealth can individually receipt each bucket to commit funds down to the penny so groups won’t be required to return any unused dollars. Paperbacks (or CDs or flash drives) qualify as community education providing about a $4-to-$1 match due to all the discounts.

Learn more or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325 for a free information kit or to discuss how we can help your communities “be aware, be prepared … and have a plan!”

Special projects and ideas for National Preparedness Month

September 1, 2012

National Preparedness Month 2012 Pledge to Prepare

The ninth annual National Preparedness Month kicks off today September 1, 2012 with a “Pledge to Prepare” theme.

The NPM campaign, sponsored by FEMA, Ready and Citizen Corps, seeks to transform awareness into action by encouraging American families and businesses to take the necessary steps to ensure that their homes, workplaces and communities are prepared for disasters and emergencies of all kinds.

As a proud Coalition member once again, Fedhealth is encouraging everyone to take the pledge, join the team and help themselves, their neighbors, and their communities be Ready.

Some of our special projects and events planned for NPM 2012 and beyond include…

Spread preparedness messages As we do year-round, FedHealth will be sharing preparedness and safety information in our e-news and on various blogs and forums we contribute to; appearing on multiple podcasts; discounting our products while helping fund volunteer groups, nonprofits, schools and others … and much more!

Special discounted Pricing Now through September 30, 2012 we are discounting the price on our customizable IT’S A DISASTER! books to over 50% off list (or only $7.00 each U.S.) on ANY quantity purchase! (Plus we can donate up to 30% of orders back to our partners and affiliates helping spread the word.)

And the price drops even further in bulk, plus books can be customized at no additional charge to include your logos and special messages to recipients. Learn more

Creative Public-Private Partnership programs Our collaborative Public-Private Partnership ideas can generate buzz and excitement by partnering with public and private sectors  + help fund First Responders, volunteers and schools  +  educate local communities  = a whole community approach! Learn more about our revenue sharing ideas.

Proud sponsor of HSFA’s Ready Roadmap San Diego The Homeland Security Foundation of America is planning to kickoff Ready Roadmap San Diego from Paradise Point Resort (“HALO Island”) this fall, sponsored by the HALO Corporation and Fedhealth.

And some ideas for agencies, volunteer groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, schools, youth groups and others for NPM and year-round include…

Use up those leftover grant dollars Many Federal grants close out September 30th so if your agency or nonprofit has dollars that need to be spent before a deadline, please consider using IT’S A DISASTER! books to commit those funds. The book qualifies as community education under many different grants and provides about a $4-to-$1 return on match. Learn more or call 1-888-999-4325

School / Youth Group Fundraisers A great way for schools and youth groups to participate in September’s National Preparedness Month is to use our IT’S A DISASTER! book as a fundraiser and earn money while educating local communities! Learn more

And learn more about the Ready Campaign and National Preparedness Month at

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