Friday Fotos: Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

May 10, 2013

ring of fire eclipse from hinode satellite 2012On May 9 and 10, 2013 millions of sky-gazers saw the spectacle of a lifetime as a “ring of fire” annular solar eclipse crossed the Pacific from Asia to the United States.

According to the eclipse was best seen in remote parts of western Australia, where the moon covered most — but not all — of the sun, leaving a spectacular ring of light around the lunar silhouette.

Because the eclipse’s path crossed the International Dateline, it began in Australia on Friday, May 10, local time, but ended late Thursday, May 9.

Below are a few pics from the recent 2013 event and above and last shot are from the May 2012 eclipse. Enjoy!

composite image ring of file eclipse by mike hancock 2013

Gorgeous composite image by Mike Hancock Cape York, Australia via io9

ring of fire eclipse 2013 credit Coca-Cola Space Science Center Columbus State University

Annular solar eclipse of May 9, 2013 in Australia. CREDIT: Coca-Cola Space Science Center/Columbus State University via

ring of fire solar eclipse 2012

Annular eclipse (moon not large enough to obscure entire disc of Sun) photographed at sunset in eastern New Mexico on 20 May 2012 via wikimedia

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂  j & B

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